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Tire Sealant 

Tire sealant is a big topic for those trying to understand what can be done to help prevent flats. Sure, there’s other methods, like solid core tubes, Kevlar reinforced tires, and flat guard inserts, but none of them have both the cool and ick factor at the same time that sealant does.

What Are Electrolytes?

It's more than gatorade I promise


Whether you’re interested in a “round the town” touring bike for maximum comfort, or are ready for some serious trail riding, there’s a frame for you.


The Most Rad, The Most Functional

New to the shop is a full product lineup from Pit Viper! These guys have all the designs to make you look like the coolest dude on the mountain! Don't worry, they not only look great, but they feel good and do an amazing job saving your eyeballs from flying mud, dirt and rocks! Visit our full lineup of eye protection on our website and come try them on at our store!



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